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Clinton, Motsoaledi sign deal on US exit from funding for AIDS fight

VIP: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a US-South Africa Strategic Dialogue in Pretoria earlier this week. Picture: REUTERS

US steps back from projects funded by presidential AIDS fund for first time, in sign of confidence in South Africa’s ability to manage its HIV epidemic


Manufacturing growth much slower than expected

Picture: THE TIMES

Factory output increases just 0.8% in June, down from 4.4% in May, hit by global turmoil and, locally, lower wage increases affecting consumers’ disposable income

Trade & Industry

‘Bankrupt SA’ warning if business is sidelined

Iraj Abedian, CEO of Pan Africa Capital Holdings, says the state has been made responsible for too much planning, policy making


Bank of England warns of protracted economic storm blowing in from Europe

The Bank of England. Picture: THINKSTOCK

British economy has taken bigger hit than thought, and will hardly grow this year, Bank of England says, though ‘underlying’ growth figures are probably not as weak as headline numbers suggest

Media & Advertising

eNews Channel to broadcast on Sky in UK

ON AIR: eNews Channel presenter Jeremy Maggs. Picture: BUSINESS DAY

Channel is ‘tweaking’ its brand before it launches in the UK


Police not backing down on violent protests, says minister

Nathi Mthethwa. Picture: SOWETAN

Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa says using maximum force, including firing rubber bullets, to control violent protests is ‘non-negotiable’

Law & Constitution

Many MPs fail to meet deadline for declaration of interests

Parliament in Cape Town. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Parliament’s joint ethics committee reluctantly agrees to extend deadline but warns of punishment for MPs who still fail to comply

Telecoms & Technology

Telkom says Icasa leak claims of ‘grave concern’

Claims that councillor at regulator leaked findings and recommendations to industry need to be investigated, says Telkom

Thami Mazwai promo

Thami Mazwai: Is it time for soul-searching on affirmative action now the furore over the governance of municipalities has died down?

Affirmative action needs surgery, not abolition

Tito Mboweni promo

The ANC is a broad organisation, but not one of fools and incompetents, writes Tito Mboweni

Can ANC members understand economics?


Copper cable worth R3.12bn stolen from parastatals, says DA


Democratic Alliance compiles figure based on series of parliamentary questions put to ministers


Graft team raids 13 sites of Auction Alliance

Former Auction Alliance CEO Rael Levitt

Search and seizure operations carried out at five Auction Alliance premises in the Western Cape, five in Gauteng and one each in Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein and Durban

Telecoms & Technology

Competition Tribunal’s Telkom ruling ‘carefully reasoned’

Telkom. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

But long-awaited decision shows difficulty of proving excessive pricing, and is likely too late to affect future competitive landscape, say legal experts

Telecoms & Technology

MTN bought back R2.1bn of shares in half-year

Telecoms company says acquisitions remain a priority, but pays dividends and proceeds with share buybacks after potential purchases prove unsuitable


Lights farce on highway claims nine lives

The busy R24 highway has been without lights because the Ekurhuleni metro had sent the bill for the electricity used to keep the highway lit to the wrong address

SPRINT: Caster Semenya makes her Olympic debut on Friday. Picture: REUTERS

Semenya makes Olympic debut in 800m

Two women who have made international headlines off the track, including South Africa’s Caster Semenya, make appearances in 800m qualifying at the London Olympics


LETTER FROM CHINA: Hard work to shake off tag of producer of faked goods

Letter from China

China has recently taken decisive action in a nationwide crackdown on fake medical products, writes Kobus van der Wath


Aquarius shares fall more than 4% after poor results

Picture: REUTERS

Platinum producer’s poor results compounded by 4% drop in share price


Cold front takes down five Eskom lines in KwaZulu-Natal

Picture: THE TIMES

Utility sends in helicopters as it tries to restore power supply to 70,000 people, with snow hindering access and visibility

Land & Agriculture

Farmers are going down rocky roads

Picture: THE TIMES

State of North West’s roads deters collection of farm produce, writes Sue Blaine

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Hybrid 5

POWER ON TAP: BMW’s Active Hybrid 5 may be clever and extremely fuel-efficient, but it’s still an undiluted 5-Series. Picture: QUICKPIC

Reducing emissions through interventions on ordinary internal-combustion motors can only go so far, which is why BMW has released a full-hybrid version of its 5-Series in South Africa, writes Alexander Parker

Gadgets & Gear

E-mail aims to achieve more with less clutter

Picture: REUTERS

Webmail providers such as Microsoft and AOL seem bent on giving our messy inboxes a makeover, writes Chris Nuttall

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