• Thursday, April 24 2014
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BDlive digital content does not mirror the daily print newspaper. Many of the news stories in the paper would already have been reported online, for example, and while some of these might closely resemble what is printed in the newspaper, others will be markedly different. Our newsroom also produces many additional online-only stories, opinion pieces, blogs and more every day.

The best way of viewing a copy of Business Day newspaper online is to subscribe to our e-edition, which is an exact replica of the newspaper that you can read on your PC or tablet computer.

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Every Sunday, BDlive publishes content from the Sunday Times's Business Times section. This content is featured on various sections of BDlive, depending on the subject matter, and is also collected on the Business Times section page.

The Business Times journalists also have profiles accessible in our section listing details of our editors and writers.


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We know how serious you are about business. Because it's our goal to keep you up to speed, we have designed a series of short courses that will help you get a grip on tricky subjects without fuss.


A range of calculators to help you determine how much tax you should pay, your car finance options, home loan values, investment returns and more.


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The Third Umpire

SABC acting COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng, for censoring the EFF’s election advert. Far from protecting the ANC, all he is doing is drawing the public’s attention to anti-ANC messages they might otherwise have missed.

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Toyota SA Motors CEO Johan van Zyl. An affordable, locally built sedan based on the hugely popular Corolla sounds like a guaranteed winner before the company has even started tooling up to start production.

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Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga, whose department has been forced to concede that 39 schools in Limpopo have still not received the textbooks they need, despite endless litigation and repeated denials.

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